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  • Legally sharing is caring: Mate’s Spotify Playlists

    I like music. It’s the best legal drug you can get. First thing is first. Go get Spotify premium if you already haven’t. It’s so good I listen to it and I got tinnitus.  This one is a collection of really interesting musicians who really moved the art forward and made something dynamic. Hip…

  • Unity Half Life 2 Mod: Game Assets that got me a job at TeamBondi/LA Noire

    Game development isn’t easy but boy is it fun. So many pieces done by so many to produce and interactive work of art. Doesn’t get better than that. This post is dedicated to my old video game assets I produced when I attended TAFESA  in 2005 and 2006 doing Advanced Diploma in Design (Game Art).  

  • Blog post number 1

    Post Uni CV that got me my first design position + old portfolio

    So this resume… So this resume got me my first job. The idea was there but I was inexperienced and a little inpatienent so it’s apparent why first page is interesting and everything else slides down hill. The idea was to create the be all end all infographic resume to stand out from other people…