Post Uni CV that got me my first design position + old portfolio

So this resume…

So this resume got me my first job. The idea was there but I was inexperienced and a little inpatienent so it’s apparent why first page is interesting and everything else slides down hill.

The idea was to create the be all end all infographic resume to stand out from other people applying for the same position. In some intelligent and meaninigful way. I found a way to do that from reading design course work of all things. All designer use the same tools and the only point of difference is ideological.

Diversity of ideas and practical experience to be able to prioritise and translate idea to concept. So the resume/CV was suppose to be a conversation starter.

Not sure if that was the smartest approach.

Luckily I found a vacant position with a company that had direction and overlooked some of the lacking parts of my resume enough to invite me to an interview. It was a great fit. A lot of challanging work.

Good for professional development. Plus I got to learn about marketing, business and commerce.








Last and the least. One of the initial ideas quickly mocked up. I was thinking about adding specific visuals for some reason.
I went with white luckily.

The old minimal website.

I went with minimal content as possible. Under the menu items/navigation I added thumbnails for quick, mouse-over even to show the image. A way to quicky display the top content I wanted to show. My reasoning was to have as few steps to reach my best work as possible.

This site was first made in Adobe Photoshop and then translated in to Dreamweaver. After a I had a basic HTML/CSS layout I made the site in WordPress using bootstrap framework on a 900px or 1200px grid.

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Mate Josipovicreply
October 12, 2018 at 1:37 pm

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Test comment for wordpress redesign.
Test comment for wordpress redesign.
Test comment for wordpress redesign.

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